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The following testimonials are from actual Capstar customers who have used Capstar Equine Products on their horse. In order to protect their privacy rights we are using only their initials.


Testimonial from T. C. from UK:

      "Took him round the track tue eve about nine pm he was very good much calmer than normal, still alittle stressy by woods but other than that he was super. Had a lesson in the school wed lunchtime it was warm and windy and he was amazing so happy and relaxed, its like having the old horse back. Can i not stay on the HP-30? it seems to work so well, or is it that he will get used to it. Thanks for all the support its been a great help this summer."

Testimonial from M. W. from Illinois:

      " I feel that Capstar has truly saved my horse's life. I don't see any way he could have continued with the drugs and the misery he had before Capstar; and the spiral of symptoms would have continued downward until I would be out of options. "

Testimonial from D. C. from Pennsylvania:

      " I just wanted to say thank you and hears to you for being on the right track. I didn't get Thelma any shots this year and she had a mild bout of headshaking that was put under control with left over Capstar from last year. My vet wanted to try an allergy test to see what might be done and I had it taken just to see what might come up. Well she is not allergic to anything. I think my vet was stumped. Thelma is back to normal within 3-4 weeks and back to work. I hope that next year will be uneventful but I know where to go for help. Thanks for your help and information."

Testimonial from T. J. from Connecticut:

      "I am sorry I haven't been in contact but I thought I would you get you up to date. It is a MIRACLE!!!!! Watson has been headshake free for about three weeks!!!!! This is the first time in two years!! The past week has been humid and the temp in the 90's, with nasty deer flys and horse flys and he has been perfect! I forget he ever shook his head. I want to thank you for all of your help and patience, especially when I was feeling hopeless! Words can't express how happy I am to have my dream horse back. Watson thanks you too. I can see it in his eyes- He is at peace again! I would like the opportunity to share this with others who may be struggling with the same thing so please put this on your website and if any customers need to talk about the process of Capstar please give them my e-mail. Thank you so much. I will keep you up to date."

Testimonial from M. W. from Illinois:

      " I have to tell you this. I'm sitting here in tears. Today I needed to try out a particular bareback pad. I picked Forrest, because I wanted to see how he was doing, if the corn had him yet. I went down the lane, winds blowing at my back between 10-20mph, and I heard just the fluttering. No other symptoms. Then I could smell the corn. It's the sweetest smell, always bringing back memories of warm summer days past, the shows and fairs, picnics and hanging out laundry on the line. We rode between two fields, one that was downwind that hasn't tasseled fully yet, and one that was upwind that has. The wind was stiff enough to do it, and I figured that was over for us for at least a month, maybe longer on account of the draught. Still nothing more. We walked, trotted, and cantered. Nothing more. I figured when we return home and he gets both the wind and the pollen full in the face, the whole thing would come apart. I rode through the woods, relaxing and enjoying my horse, even though I dreaded the inevitable return home, and the bad news I'd get on the way. We turned toward home, rode at a walk, nothing changed. We trotted a nice working trot, he was delightful. I asked for a canter, and he kicked into gear. I got the most relaxed, rhythmic, comfortable canter; we floated along, and I realized that this is the first time that my horse has been able to do this since he was two years old. No shaking, no bobs, no ducks, no dropped shoulders, no hollow back, no rushing, only the fluttering. I burst into tears. Now I acknowledge that it's early, that when the millions of corn plants cut loose all around us, it could be overwhelming and his symptoms could return. But this was the best day, and the best ride, and I have to thank you for that. "

Testimonial from G. M. from England:

      "WOW you have done it, hour and a half no headshaking in the woodland, no nose net and except the occasional flick he was fantastic, we were in the menage again yesterday, flat work with no nose net is not a problem for him, and nor is the woodland now, a big thank you to every one for all your help, not so many e-mails now as to busy riding. thank you!"

Testimonial from K. M. from North Carolina:

      "I rode Rio yesterday in the middle of the day and he was pretty good no head flipping. Tonight I rode around 8:30 and he was ok at the end when we were doing canter work he started fliping his head some but not too bad. Even though he's not cured yet the capstar has made such a difference, he has really become so much better and I am very thankful for that."

Testimonial from J. P. from England:

      "The results have been amazing - it is like she is not a head shaker We have done loads of dressage competitions this season and she has been brilliant and successful Recently she has consistently scored 7's for her free walk She is going brilliantly and she is a happy enthusiastic little girl. I have not used her nose net for weeks or her ear covers She does snort alot on one rein in canter but we can cope with that!!! Out hacking she has been a doll and the whole picture is unrecognisable from last year. I HAVE wormed her (no choice) and it has made no difference Capstar has DEFINITELY worked - no question. I do thank you - she is my dream horse!"

Testimonial from C. L. from England:

      "How are you? I know it has been ages, I haven't been in touch... James is doing very well and since we had him on a course of HP200 - which I am almost out of now - he has been totally cured from his headshaking! He has not been on it since May last year! We are using an different vaccine to which he has shown no reaction at all. So he is now leading a normal life, and totally stress free. Thank you for that!!!"

Testimonial from K. H. from Montana:

      "I rode him twice this past weekend (hot and sunny weather). Worked him in the arena and took him out on a ride...did quite a bit of trotting and some loping. He was not wearing his mask (hasn't worn it in a week). HE HAD NO symptoms except at the very end of our ride and that was only a few mild shakes and a couple of sneezes. He is no longer rubbing his nose either. I am very hopeful that he is on the mend. He also seems quite calm and steady right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed."

Testimonial from J. L. from Florida:

      "Well its been a little over 7 weeks now that Loot has been on the medicine. What a miracle it has been!! I cannot believe my eyes the improvement i've seen in Loot. The past two days (not including today) iv'e been lunging loot in the roundpen for about 15 min and then riding him for about 30 min to 45 min in our large arena. He starts off a little shaky (not nearly as severe as it was though) and then by then end of my ride he is almost perfect. I can now lope him around on a loose rein with no problem and he is completely and extremley calm (no spook!!)!! However today was not as good but still its not nearly as severe or often as it was. I just cannot believe my eyes. Everyone at my barn had tears of joy yesterday and I must have cried a river

Thank you thank you thank you so much for this awesome product!!!

PS; The bond I have created with my horse now is far greater than any thing or any other horse i have owned, its soo amazing to have this bond!!!!"

Testimonial from J. B. from England:

      "Notorioso is perfect in every way. No headshaking whatsoever, either ridden, stabled, travelling, out riding in the countryside, whatever the weather. He has not been in the stressfull situation of competing yet , but I hope to take him out soon. He did stay away from home again for 3 weeks, although this time I took his own dust free bedding, and he was fine. We manage his environment in terms of dust as much as we can, so it is difficult to answer your question fully. He has however been absolutely perfect, and this year we have had an unusually hot dry summer, and I dread to imagine how he would have coped prior to Capstar. If the next step of your programme is as successful as we have been so far I will be even more delighted than I am already (which is virtually impossible). I am so delighted with the results and cannot thank you enough. I have told everybody about Capstar, including my vet, who I think has already been in touch with you. Please advise further of next steps, we will proceed as usual until further notice. He has not been vaccinated at all this year, and I am loathed to do it. We can cross that bridge in the future if we need to. Many thanks and kind regards"

Testimonial from S.W. from Ohio:

      "We have just returned from a whirlwind of County and State Fair Shows these past two weeks solid. Tiger is doing great! Our weather continues to be hot, humid, and bright sunshine. Some of our show days were very long with few breaks and Tiger has had NO significant headshaking incidents these two weeks. On two extremely long days, he did exhibit some blowing, but only one or two quick jerks of his head and then he continued on like nothing happened. We continue to give his daily doses in the evening and have seen no new symptoms. We are using no other preventive devices at this time. Aside from being just plain tired, Tiger seems to be feeling fine. He works and rides normally and is not having any type of adverse reactions at this time."

Testimonial from M. B. from California:

      "I have to tell you that I took Ace to lessons on thursday. The temp was about 80 or so. I have to say that for the first time in years, I finally felt like I was riding my horse. He was really good. Better than good. There was no rubbing of his nose, there was no blowing at all and just a little headshaking. And I mean alittle. Really nothing to even write about. I was so excited. Lessons have been good, but all the stuff has been there, just ridable. This was better than that. I really felt like I rode my horse for the first time, in a lesson. Now he is usually good at the beach and semi good on trails (as long as its not hot), but I have had 3, yes 3 good rides in a row. How exciting. I am actually crying right now. Its almost to good to be true. I am afraid to believe that he might actually be getting better, for fear that it might go away. He has always been my dream horse, and to think I might have him back is so emotional. I am still crying. Just thought I would let you know this good news so you could cry with me. Even my riding instrustor could not believe it. She could see that he actually has a personality under all that shaking going on. So thanks"

Testimonial from J. S. from Pennsylvania:

      "Kitty is doing great on the Bottle H. I have about a quarter of a bottle left. I just can't believe this is the same horse. She acts like she does in the winter. No head shaking, no nose flipping, no coughing, no snorting, no blowing. It is wonderful. Thank you again. Will I need another bottle of H? How much longer should I be giving her this? Take care."

Testimonial from K. M. from California:

      "This is an update on our thoroughbred, Rudy. We have been giving Bottle B every other day. Rudy continues to show NO signs of headshaking at all. We had a cool month of July, followed by some very hot weather this past week. I thought we might see some headshaking behavior during the heat, but nothing. I even stressed him to see how he did, and nothing. His entire energy has changed. I have been able to bridle Rudy and hack him around the property. He has been simply great. We lunge him and he looks good, no excessively low head carriage. Just feels like he's out of shape. A pleasure to ride and handle. I must admit I am a bit dumbfounded that we've seen such a drastic change in so short a time. Keep waiting for the other shoe to drop----to see symptoms flare back up again. But he continues to look fantastic, is gaining weight, seems so happy and relaxed. I feel that Rudy is a bit bored out in pasture and really ready to start back to work. It has been 6 weeks now since we've seen any symptoms. Should we start him back lightly and see how he does? Also, there is a local woman interested in adopting Rudy. She has experience with a photic headshaker (a mild case, managed by keeping horse in during day----horse showed FEI level dressage). I had not intended to look for a home for him so soon, but she is a good fit and we'd love to give her/Rudy a trial period together. She wants to know what is involved in her working with you ongoing, so that she can continue Rudy's capstar treatment (our
condition for adoption). How long/much do you consult for the initial $250 kit fee, and what are your rates for additional consultations or if another owner takes over? Thank you so much. This all seems like a miracle for us"

Testimonial from M. M. from Australia:

      "Have recieved & made up CS3 & prepared to begin the dose. Will I continue to dose as I have been with CS2?--ie Dose --leave2 days--dose etc? Will await your instructions. Thankyou so much for your continued support ---I have my old horse back!!--(The one before the allergies appeared). Iam very gratefull & sing your praises to all."

Testimonial from S. K. from Florida:

      "Sorry its been three weeks (computer problems) Bottle B is a God send. My mare is taking Bottle B every other day. She had the runny noses for about 1 week, but that has gone now. I have ridden her 4 times since Bottle B and no symptoms. I finally have my horse back. I can't say how happy I am. We are not up to long trail rides yet, she got fat during her lay off. HAHA. But she is coming around fast. I am taking baby steps with her but theres progress every time I ride. I can't thank you enough. I will contine Bottle B until you advise differently."

Testimonial from M. G. from California:

      "I just wanted to give you an update on Roz. She has been symptom free all summer. She has been out in hot sun and wind and has shown no recurrence of head shaking symptoms. She is progressing well with her work both in dressage and jumping. I think it is safe to say at this point that she is a Capstar success. I appreciate the time and energy that you spent working with us and would be happy to offer encouragement to others in similar situations.

Testimonial from G. H. from Minnesota:

      "I'm so excited! Homer is definately making improvements. Our rides were so much better this weekend - even his sneezing is decreasing. He had only a couple of head jerks, 1 actual head nod and I thought his sneezing was reduced so I counted as we trotted around the arena and he only sneezed 4 times all the way around! He only itched once and that was when I stopped him. His nasal discharge is decreasing also. When we started out he had a couple of little drops in his left nostril, after riding, he had a few drops in each nostril. The amount was so much less than previous rides. When he itched his face, he did itch both sides which would correspond to the slight drops from each nostril. He has a great attitude and hasn't been crabby or anything. He is actually very tolerant of my novice skills. I wish I could afford to board him so I could ride all winter! I think my daughter is going to lose her horse if things keep going the way they are! I love bottle O!!!! Let me know if there is anything else I should do other than keep on with bottle O for the time being."

Testimonial from J. B. from California:

      "Hi. Sorry for the lapse in updates on Diego's status. Lately he has been symptom free, as far as we can tell. The weather has cooled off and we have had more cloudy and partly cloudy days. I have cut Diego's bottle M dosage back to once a week. He seems fine and reasonably happy. How should we proceed with the treatment? Lynn and I are very happy with his improvement, and want to thank you for helping our horse."

Testimonial from C. K. from Iowa:

      "It's been awhile since my last update. I have a lot of news. I sold the mare this past weekend. This past month she has been really quite good regarding the head shaking. I was using the bottle of H-2 striking it 4 times. I took the horse to a sale in Iowa this weekend and she did just great at the sale. She did not get any worse under all that stress. She did a little shaking here and there but nothing really bad. In fact, it was not very noticeable if you didn't know about the problem. I was very excited to see that she obviously can be very competitve yet in the show pen, etc. I really only noticed shaking when she walked while riding her and a little with leading her. Nothing at all with jogging and loping. Several potential buyers also rode her. Up until that point, I have been the only one to ever ride her, so none of that stressed her out. I also had her mane banded and had a tail extension on her, neither of which made anything worse. I would just like to express a very sincere thank you to you for all you have done for my horse and for me. This has been a wonderful experience working with you. I gave the bottle of H-2 to the new owners and demonstrated giving her a dose. I gave them your e-mail address and explained that they need to e-mail you to get more of the formula when they run out. They should have enough for a couple more weeks. I truly hope they continue to give it to her. Thanks again for all you've done!"

Testimonial from J. S. from Colorado:

      "Hello, Remember me? I just wanted to update you on our new contact info, and my Annie's continued success since the move. We were all worried that a move from California to Colorado might stir up some symptoms in Annie. We gave her the one dose you recommended, and she made the trip just fine! This past September 2002, marks one year since Annie has had any Capstar, and she has not had a single sign of head-shaking! The whole barn is in love with her...they all know her story and what she went through before I found your website in sheer desperation the night before she was to be put down! I tell everyone about how you saved her life that night. I'm proud to say that after a year of a completely symptom-free horse, we got back to training, and won a couple blue ribbons and a "Reserve Champion" in our first show together this summer! It was my first show in my life, and I sure never thought I'd see the day with Annie! I'm attaching a photo of us from the show (in a separate email), for your use. Thanks for not ever giving up on her and being such a great support to me!"

Testimonial from K. N. from Ohio:

      "Thanks for the info, and tonight he was calm, I'm going to give him a dose on Monday and I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for your help and patience, I think only people who have gone through this truely understand this and how helpless and alone it feels."

Testimonial from S. D. from Canada:

      "Commander has responded well to the GD. He was dosed last Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. How should we proceed? He didn't become dozy this time. He played with my daughter around the arena yesterday. She runs on foot and he follows her, even over small crosspoles and verticals. He seems very happy. She rode him the other day but we don't want to push things. Keep in mind that this was a top dressage horse, not a back yard playmate so we are very happy to see him happy again!"

Testimonial from C. J. from France:

      "Yesterday at the end of the day, the climatic conditions were favorable to the 'headshaking'. I went out with Unic during almost two hours: in the step, in the trot, in the gallop, and still, and still ............. It is a walk of dream. Unic was completely freed, he breathed perfectly (" and me also "). Simply by arriving home - as souvant-three small whims. Three preceding days he accepted less easily the treatment; yesterday no problem to take him after this magnificent ride... I continue the treatment looking forward to your instructions. One thank you. Goodbye."

Testimonial from P.B. from Texas:

      The last time I talked to ya'll we put put buckshot on "C" remedy. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! He has stopped the headshaking completely! Unbelievable! He has enjoyed being outside in the full sunlight with the other horses like never before and made a believer out of my husband. The only thing I am worried about is his vaccinations. Here in East Texas we are having an outbreak of West Nile and Eastern Equine Encephlomyelitis. I really could not take a chance on not giving him his shots since several horses in the area have died. I do not believe in vaccinations 100%. I worry that the headshaking does not return after this. I have read that headshaking, or trigiminal neuralgia, could possible be brought on by rhinopneumonitis vaccinations, so I shipped that shot. I am so amazed at your remedies. I thought that I would end up having to put Buckshot down, he was so miserable. That would have been devastating to me. He has been such a part of my life for so long! Again, I can't thank ya'll enought I will continue to keep ya'll updated. Thank you"

Testimonial from K. K. from California:

      "Horand has had an incredibly responce to the Capstar! He was a horse we considered putting down because he was dangerous! Now he is so happy and loving that we tested his blood to see if your solution had a sedative in it! He shows no symptoms, stays out in the pasture for hours and is happy! We took him to a show this past weekend to see how he would be. He acted like he had been to a million shows! He was so quiet and did his job well. He had only been to 1 show before and it was a disaster! When he became nervous before starting the Capstar the headshaking would really flair up! We use a net over his nose which really seems to make a difference. Our personal feelings are WOW! This horse is so happy and even loving now. Thank You!"

      Please note: We encourage and appreciate all Capstar customers who would like to leave a testimonial for this page to do so either by sending us an email or to go to our "contact us" page and fill in the on-line form.

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