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Treat Your Horse As You Treat Yourself

      Have you ever wondered why you vaccinate your horse yearly and not yourself? Have you ever questioned why it would appear your horse's immune system is so weak and your is so strong? When you go to a shopping mall or to a party do you feel unsafe because of all the people you will come in contact with who might be carrying a contagious disease? Yet, many veterinarians will tell you it is simply not safe to take your horse to a horse show and risk exposing your horse to the other horses, and therefore, your horse should be vaccinated. Yet you are at the same horse show without your annual booster, even though you are at risk just as much as your horse is at risk. Why have you not taken the same injectable precaution? Could it be that these yearly vaccinations for our horses are unneccesary? In fact, your horse has probably been repeatedly vaccinated for the same diseases over and over for which he has already developed immunity. So, why are we being told to vaccinate our horses yearly, and could this procedure of over-vaccinating our horses actually be causing more harm than good?

      We believe that Headshaking Syndrome in most cases is the result of over-vaccinating. We have seen repeatedly that horses whose head shaking symptoms have been removed using Capstar, and are then re-vaccinated, head shaking symptoms immediately return. It is a well-known fact that an ill horse should not be vaccinated as their immune system is already being challenged. Yet, horses with Headshaking Syndrome continue to be vaccinated annually. Could this be why horses with Headshaking Syndrome only worsen year after year, and why most veternarians consider Headshaking Syndrome incurable? They are reintroducing the cause of Headshaking Syndrome year after year, only causing the symptoms to increase in intensity.

      We know of no scientific studies of horses that support why we are told to vaccinate our horses yearly. Instead, pharmaceutical companies who produce and profit from the sale of vaccines, educate our veterinarians, who then educate the public consumer that yearly vaccinations are recommended and a safe practice for our horses. We doubt that anyone really knows exactly how long a vaccine is effective in horses. Blood titers will give us a measure of the antibodies in the blood stream, but blood titers only measures one part of the complex immune system. A horse with a well functioning immune system may still be immune even if he has a low or zero titer for a specific disease. We know of no one that knows knows what number equals immunity. Yet, we vaccinate yearly just to be safe. This yearly vaccination practice is like over-watering your plant. It is unnecessary and eventually becomes harmful. Horse owners vaccinate their horses yearly with very good intentions, but unknowingly may be causing more harm than good. Not all humans, horses, dogs, or cats can handle the current vaccination recommendations.

      The immune system is not an inexhaustible resource. It can be broken and worn down. It is true that the immune system is made stronger each time it fights off a natural disease. In nature, we are hit with a disease; the body fights the disease and recovers, and as a result the immune system is made much stronger. But today our horses are being injected with many man-made artificial diseases, several at once, directly into the muscles of our horses . We expect the immune system to respond to each disease and have the correct immune response, which is to build antibodies and fight off the diseases. But what happens if the immune system does not respond correctly? What if the immune system is overwhelmed by this huge attack at the cellular level year after year? If the immune system is not able to have the correct immune response, this man-made disease stays in the body.

      Your horse now has to deal with a chronic man-made disease. Then you vaccinate again, and again. Your horse’s immune system is crippled and he is now susceptible to other diseases that he was at one time able to fight off. Such as autoimmune diseases, Headshaking Syndrome, skin disorders, allergies, and asthma, just to name a few. All of these conditions are on the rise. These are problems of a chemically manipulated immune system. Our horses are not healthier as a result of the practice of over-vaccinating. Instead our horses are developing chronic conditions and immune systems that over react to the slightest sensitivity.


      Many people do not even realize just how dangerous vaccinations can be to some humans. The government has paid out 1.2 billion dollars to parents of babies that have been injured or killed by vaccinations. Autism has risen 620 % over the last 20 years in this country. It is interesting to note that Autism mirrors mercury poisoning, a severely toxic neurochemical. Human babies are now receiving over 40 vaccinations in the first 2 years of life. The amount of mercury in their system is many times higher than what the FDA declares as safe. Vaccination injuries are also happening to our animals. We just don’t hear about it.

      This is not a plot by our government. This is a misguided fear that if we are aware of the dangers and risks of vaccines, that we will choose to not vaccinate. We are owed and deserve the right of informed consent. All other drugs must list the potential side effects. Vaccinations are apparently exempt from this policy. You must realize the individual is not the primary concern when it comes to the vaccination campaign; instead it is the herd or group. It is believed that everyone in the herd needs to be vaccinated to stop the spread of diseases. Even though it has always been known that there are harmful reactions to vaccines, those individuals who are injured by the vaccines are considered casualties in the war against contagious disease. The problem today is that the numbers of devastating reactions are climbing at an alarming rate. More and more individuals are being injured and suffer as a result.


      We are not saying that horses should never be vaccinated. We are saying horses should not be over-vaccinated. The Tetanus vaccine is known to be good for 12 years in humans. This is probably the same for horses. There are other countries like Australia and New Zealand who vaccinate for Tetanus every 5 years. Even this practice is probably still over-vaccinating. There has never been a case of rabies reported in a horse that had been vaccinated twice. It is thought that two vaccinations yields lifetime immunity. One vaccine may be sufficient immunity for the life of your horse. Remember, you too have been vaccinated, but you have not continued to be vaccinated year after year.

      There is a lot of debate over this issue of over-vaccinating among veterinarians. They do not agree among themselves on what is the correct protocol of how often to vaccinate. There are some veterinarian organizations that are now recommending that dogs be vaccinated every 3 years and not past the age of 10. This is definitely an improvement upon the yearly vaccination schedule imposed on dogs. We need to see movement in the same direction for our horses. If a vaccine actually gives lifetime immunity then to repeat every 3 years is still over-vaccinating, and can be harmful instead of helpful to our beloved pets.

      A good rule of thumb:
Treat your horse as you would treat yourself.


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