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What is Homeopathy

       Homeopathy is a system of healing developed by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700's. Homeopathy is an extremely safe system of medicine without side effects. There are no known contraindications or drug interactions between homeopathic and conventional medicines. Homeopathic remedies are made in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administrations and the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. They are non-toxic and can be safely used on animals, children, and the elderly. The well-chosen homeopathic remedy brings about a profound sense of well-being even before it begins to cure the symptoms. Homeopathy is energy medicine, working with the body's own healing energy to strengthen itself, using remedies that are totally individualized to the patient. Homeopathic remedies are made in extremely dilute form, and are therefore safe.

       The raw material for a remedy can be almost any substance in the world, but normally the choice is restricted to natural substances, whether animal, vegetable or mineral. To make a remedy a mother tincture is first produced. This is made by taking a natural substance such as sulphur and mixing it with alcohol. Then one part of the mother tincture is mixed with 9 parts of water and potentized. Potentizing is done by a procedure called succussions which is hitting the bottle in the palm of your hand 10 times, adding energy to the bottle. This is now called a 1x potency. It was succussed 10 times and diluted in 9 parts water. This procedure can be carried forward repeatedly. The C potencies are diluted in 100 parts of water per step. The LM potencies are diluted in 1000 parts of water per step. From the point of 23x or 12C there is not a single molecule of the original substance that can be traced. A homeopathic practitioner does not want to work with the toxic concentrated material, but with the energy or information of the material.

       To explain this further is to understand the difference between information and the bearer of information. For example, there is a singer and a recording of the same singer on cassette tape. The cassette tape contains the information of the singer. It does not contain one molecule of the original singer. The act of potentizing a remedy releases the information from the material and transfers it to the homeopathic medium, usually milk-sugar pills or water/alcohol solution.

       It was Paracelsus who said: "Medicine is not something that can be chewed with the teeth; no one can see medicine. It is not a matter of the body but a matter of power."

       Western or Orthodox medicine is allopathic, which means it seeks to heal by counteracting with an opposite force. Opposition always creates opposition, and therefore the results are temporary relief from the symptoms but a cure is seldom if ever achieved. Western medicine is effective in critical situations such as surgery, but has little to offer in the healing of chronic disease.

       Homeopathy is based on the principal of "like cures like." Which means that a substance that if taken in toxic amounts would produce an illness in a well person. The same substance made into a homeopathic remedy would initiate a healing response in a sick person who had the same symptoms of that remedy. The homeopathic remedy would not be toxic as it only contains the information of the remedy, not a molecule of the actual substance. A person who was suffering from arsenic poisoning would be helped by taking homeopathic arsenic. "That which is poison to the healthy person is medicine to the sick person." Homeopathy feels that true healing can only take place through similarity.

       More information on homeopathy can be found at www.homeopathic.org.


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